Maintenance charge:
Batteries that are to be stored for a longer period of time (~ 2 months) should be stored at about 60% charge. You can achieve this by charging an empty battery approx. ½ – 1/3 of normal charging time. (1h at 2200mAh, 2h at 6000mAh battery)

Damaged batteries can potentially pose a risk of fire and personal injury.
If you discover physical damage to your battery, the battery must be taken out of service immediately.
If you have questions regarding the condition and safety of the batteries, contact us at customer service.

Store the damaged batteries in a fireproof place and deliver them as soon as possible to an approved recycling station.

If you experience that the cells on the battery are “inflated,” the use of the batteries must cease immediately. Store the batteries in a place where there is no danger of fire. Deliver damaged batteries to an approved recycling station. Contact us at customer service for further guidance.

We use Li-Ion polymer batteries in our products.
All our batteries have a built-in protection circuit to protect the battery from over-charging and deep discharge.

Like other Li-Ion Polymer batteries, our batteries have a cartilage life of 400-600 charge cycles during everyday use and maintenance charging.