Explore Antarctica with Heat Experience

Explore Antarctica with Heat Experience: Photographer Espen Mills Tests Our Battery-Heated Clothing

We are proud to share some exciting news from Antarctica! We recently sent some of our innovative battery-heated gear to photographer Espen Mills, who took our products on a spectacular sailing trip to the icy continent.

Espen Mills is a versatile photographer with experience in real estate photography, wedding photography, and expedition photography around the world. On this trip to Antarctica, he sailed as a passenger with several of our Heat Experience products: the Heated Outdoor Vest, Heated Outdoor Mittens, Heated Sit Pad, and Heated Outdoor Gloves.


In Espen Mills’ own words:

“I found great use for Heat Experience’s clothing while I was there! Antarctica is – besides being fantastically beautiful and with unique wildlife – surprisingly warm during the day and when it’s calm, but it can change to become much colder if the wind shifts or when it turns to evening. Not so surprising perhaps since everything around you is ice… The wind gets cooled down and is freezing! In these moments it’s absolutely superb to press a button and stay warm.”

Antarctica is known for its spectacular landscapes and unique wildlife, but also for its extreme weather conditions. During the day, it can be relatively warm when the wind is calm, but the temperature can drop quickly when the sun goes down or the wind picks up. Espen found that our battery-heated clothing made a significant difference in these challenging conditions. By pressing a button, he could quickly activate the heat and stay comfortable in the icy climate. This was especially useful when he was on the sailboat, where the wind often blew briskly and could make it very cold.


The Products That Kept Espen Warm:

HeatX Heated Outdoor Vest: This heated vest provides quick and even warmth, perfect for layering during cold-weather expeditions. It’s also ideal for cool summer evenings on a sailboat.

HeatX Heated Outdoor Mittens: Our heated mittens ensure that your hands stay warm even in the coldest temperatures. Perfect for sailing where wind and water can make your hands cold.

HeatX Heated Outdoor Gloves: For more movement and precision than mittens, our heated gloves provide the necessary warmth without compromising functionality. 

HeatX Heated Sit Pad: With this heated sit pad, you can always have a warm place to sit, no matter how cold it is around you. An excellent companion on the deck of a sailboat when you want to enjoy the view without freezing.

We are thrilled to hear how our products enhanced Espen’s experience in Antarctica. Whether you’re planning your own expedition, a sailing trip in colder climates, or just want to stay warm on a cool summer evening, you can rely on Heat Experience to provide you with the comfort and warmth you need.


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