Everybody with a passion for winter sports knows that the experience is all about being out in nature despite the cold and find cohesion between the warmth we need and snowy winter landscapes. Often, winter sports have a high level of activity and the reward comes when you reach your goal and are able stop for a bit to enjoy the landscape.

products recommended for winter sports

“I have used the Heat Experience battery heated vest in several situations: As a coach in the ski slopes, on several mountain hikes, on snowmobile tours, during cycling, and it always comes in handy .” –Swedish Ski Coach, Peter Lind.

Staying warm and dry during activity and inactivity

Winter sports require more insulation, but enthusiasts and athletes alike want more agile and light-weight gear. The balancing act between staying warm and dry during activity and inactivity, without wearing overly bulky clothing or light-weight and underperforming clothing, is a tough one. This is where the Heat Experience mid-layers come in as essentials in your winter gear arsenal because we have the balance mastered.

Dry out your base layer

Heat Experience’s battery-powered heated mid-layer clothing, with it`s thin profile and low-weight and variable heat levels, will reduce the need for bulky insulating garments without compromising on warmth. When you are in high activity, use the garments with the battery off and when you slow down, turn the heat on high to dry out your base layer, or on low to keep your body temperature up. You can pair us with your favourite base layers and favourite outer layers no matter which brand you prefer to wear, to have an optimum winter sports day.

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