The European climate is changing, and many people work in cold climates and harsh conditions with changing activity levels every day. Empirical research shows that efficiency decreases when the body becomes cold. Focus that should be spent on the task at hand and being safe, is often on cold limbs, fingers and toes. The reality is many who work in these climates do not have the opportunity to change clothes several times during a work day to keep warm and dry. This is where technology can bring functional comfort to those who need it to get the job done.

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“During cold days with a high variety of work, it is very convenient to be able to adjust the heat only with the touch of a button”– Norwegian Carpenter, Trygve Kolaas.

Supplies you with active heat as needed

Heat Experience battery heated clothing supplies you with active heat as needed. It is easy to choose between different heating levels to suit the type of work and weather conditions, on our rechargeable battery heated garments. Extra batteries can be ordered to cover you no matter how many hours you might be out on the job.

Easy to pair with your favourite base layer

Our adjustable warmth mid-layer clothing is easy to pair with your favourite base layer, and with it`s thin profile still fit under traditional outer layer work wear. All the warm comfort you need under the durability and safety of your professional clothing necessary to do a job well done.

Heat Experience representerer den høye kvaliteten

Produktene fra Heat Experience representerer den høye kvaliteten en Norsk merkevare knytter seg mot. Alle våre produkter er nøye gjennomtenkt for å gi brukeren en behagelig og komfortabel opplevelse i kaldt klima.  Produktene er designet i Norge og alle materialer er håndplukket av oss. Dette for å sikre at plaggene puster godt og slipper ut fuktighet, noe som er enda viktigere for plagg som tilfører varme enn for tradisjonell bekledning.


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