Outdoor enthusiasts know that being outdoors is all about having the best experience possible. Whether that means being together with friends and family enjoying nature in all its beauty, or going out solo, choosing the right gear is crucial for a successful experience. One of the most important factors for exploration is to avoid getting cold, no matter the season.

PRODUCTS recommended for outdoor

All Gloves/Mittens

Heated Liner Glove


3-layer principle

In Scandinavia we have a 3-layer principle for our outdoor wear. Consisting of a base layer, which is often wool underwear, an insulating mid-layer and an outer layer, which is often a shell jacket. The principle is well tested and works on the idea that you can adjust the number of layers as you go and for the climate you are in.

Designed for Nordic conditions

When you go on a trip, you are usually in a lot of motion and your body is able to keep you warm. On an active trip, or a longer mountain trip, you can also get sweaty and clammy. Our thermal garments are designed for Nordic conditions, with good breathability and low weight that make it possible to benefit from the hiking clothing even when the thermal garment is not switched on.

Dry the base layer

Hikers, for example, are often in motion and stay warm. On summit hikes, or longer hikes, you can also get sweaty or clammy. When you slow down or sit down to enjoy the view, you don’t want those wet clothes making you cold. With our garments, you can switch on the heat to help dry the base layer or on a lower temperature to maintain body heat while enjoying a snack or taking some photos. Heat Experience focuses on mid-layer clothing, and it is our goal to be a supplement garment that allows you to adjust the temperature as needed to keep comfortable. You can pair us with your favorite base layers and favorite outer layers no matter which brand you prefer.

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