What happens if i need to use my warranty?

You contact us through e-mail, chat, contact form or phone. We need you to take a picture of what`s wrong with the garment and send to us with an explanation. and we`ll change your whole garment, cover your local tailor bill or change parts of the garment (ex.the battery).

Where are your heated garments produced?

They are produced in a factory in Hong Kong with many years experience of producing heated garments.

Are the heated garments washable?

Yes. You would need to remove the battery and wash on 30 degrees maximum. Decrease centrifugation to a maximum of 800 RPM and do not tumble dry. It is all explained in the label.

Are the batteries reliable in cold weather?

Yes. The batteries are wrapped in a cold resistant material and placed close to the body so they will stay reliable in cold weather conditions.

Is there a fire hazard wearing your heated garments?

No. The carbon threads that produce the heat is wrapped in a fire proof material.

Do you have a problem with your heated insoles?

Step by step instruction;
1) Charge the insole for about 20 minutes
2) Quickly disconnect and connect the charging cable.
This should reset the insole,
If successfully achieved, the blinking light should stop, and the red light should light as when charging normally.
If it doesn’t work the first time, try to repeat step 2 a couple of times.