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// Frequently asked questions about Warm Trousers:

Das Gerät lässt sich nicht einschalten, was kann ich tun?

  1. Vergewissern Sie sich, dass der Akku vollständig geladen ist (leuchtet grün am Ladegerät).
  2. Vergewissern Sie sich, dass der Stecker des Geräts mit dem Akku verbunden ist und richtig sitzt.
  3. Halten Sie die Taste für mindestens 5 Sekunden gedrückt.

Was passiert, wenn etwas mit dem Produkt schief geht?

With us, you have a two-year guarantee on all products. Should something happen, we repair or replace the product. We also sell separate batteries for heating trousers, so if the battery is widely used and ripe for replacement, you can buy a new battery for your pants.

Wo befinden sich die Heizelemente?

The heating elements in the trousers are located at the top of the buttocks at the back and over the thighs at the front.

Can warm pants withstand getting wet?

Yes, there is no danger if the trousers get wet, the trousers can be washed in a washing machine if you remove the battery. If the trousers are wet, they will also dry themselves with the integrated heating system. In bad weather, we still recommend wearing the trousers under waterproof trousers.

Wie lange dauert es, die Batterien zu laden?

If you use the included wall charger, the battery in the trousers is charged from empty to full in approx. 4 hours.

Was passiert mit der Batterie, wenn sie der Kälte ausgesetzt wird?

Li-ion batteries drain faster if stored in a cold environment. We have placed the battery inside the pocket of the trousers and close to the body so that it is not exposed to severe cold during use. In this way, the battery life lasts as normal, even when it is freezing outside.

How are the sizes of the trousers experienced?

We have used a European size guide which means that sizes are perceived as normal. If you use size medium from other Norwegian suppliers of outdoor clothing, we recommend size M / L. If the trousers do not fit, they can be exchanged for another size, but you must cover shipping costs yourself.

Wie lange hält die Wärme an?

Heat Experience heating trousers have three different heat levels. The lowest level is most used and keeps the heat for 8 hours with a fully charged battery. We recommend using the highest level only for short periods to dry the innermost layer or raise the body temperature; this level warms for 4 hours. Perceived usage time is often longer than 8 hours as you generally do not use the heat when you are active.


  • Carbon fiber heating element on the front of the thighs and behind the buttocks
  • Wählen Sie zwischen 3 verschiedenen Heizstufen
  • Geformtes Design
  • Durable and flexible materials
  • Soft waffle fleece lining
  • Fully pulled zipper on both sides for easy on and off
  • Bis zu 10 Stunden Akkulaufzeit
  • Es kann in der Waschmaschine gewaschen werden.
  • Wiederaufladbarer 7,4 V 6000 mAh Li-Ion-Polymer-Akku
  • Aufladezeit: 4 Stunden an einer Steckdose
  • Aufladezeit: 2,5 Stunden mit Autoladegerät (optional)
  • YKK-Reißverschlüsse
  • Es kommt mit 2 Jahren Garantie


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