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Hunting is the outdoors, and the outdoors is hunting. If there is anyone who is known to have the right equipment in order, it’s the hunter. There are many reasons to look forward to hunting season; for many it is the unity hunters share, the immersive wilderness experience and the bounty of a good season. Heat Experience makes the experience even better, with comfortable and practical hunting clothes that add heat when needed. Not all hunting is active and producing heat, and in those moments Heat Experience can lend a hand.

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All Gloves/Mittens

Heated Hunt Pullover Mittens


“If you are hunting grouse or chasing, you are often in high motion, and generally keep warm, but when posting or if you like to take breaks to enjoy nature during your hunt, battery heated clothing is perfect.” – Norwegian Hunting, Norgesjakt.

Designed for Nordic conditions

Our heated clothing is designed for Nordic conditions and can therefore meet almost any cold weather conditions. The good breathability and low-weight makes it possible to take advantage of our clothes while hunting and fishing even when the heat is switched off. The purpose of the clothing is that you, as a hunter, at all times should have the opportunity to avoid getting cold and make your time more about the hunt and less about cold feet or hands.

Dry the inner base layer

When activity makes you warm and sweaty it isn’t optimal to be changing your layers when out hunting or fishing. When you do sit down, you don’t want those wet clothes getting cold. With our garments, you can switch on the heat on high to help dry the inner base layer, or on a lower temperature to maintain body heat. Heat Experience focuses on mid-layer clothing, and it is our goal to be a supplement garment that allows the user to adjust the temperature as needed. You can pair us with your favourite base layers and favourite outer layers no matter which brand you prefer to wear on your optimal hunt.