8 tips for warm hikes


There is no doubt that nothing can ruin a great hike in the woods like being cold. Dressing properly when going for a hike in the woods is crucial for having a good experience. Heat Experience has therefore created a practical guide on how to dress appropriately when venturing out in the cold, without having to constantly change clothes. With our guide, you don’t have to worry about freezing on your hike. We will show you how to dress warmly and correctly, and the best part is – it doesn’t necessarily involve using battery-powered heated clothing, even though few things beat the luxury of being able to regulate the heat in your garments instead of constantly putting on and taking off layers throughout the trip.

8 tips for staying warm and comfortable during cold outdoor activities:

1. Wool innermost

Dress in multiple layers of clothing, and make sure to have wool as the innermost layer. Wool is an excellent material for retaining warmth and regulating moisture.

2. Wind- and waterproof outer layer

Over the wool, you should have technical garments that protect against weather and wind and/or our products that generate heat. It is important to choose clothes that ventilate out excess heat and moisture.Find your favorite among our outer jackets, vests, and fleece jackets with battery-powered heat.

3. Wear a hat

Always wear a hat to protect your head from the cold. A lot of heat can be lost through the head.

4. Keep your hands warm

Mittens are preferable to gloves when it is extra cold. Choose battery-powered gloves or mittens if you want extra warmth and comfort.

Check out our selection of gloves and mittens with battery-powered heat, so you don’t have to freeze your fingers.

5. Pack light

If you’re going on a trip, avoid packing too heavily.
A heavy backpack can be both exhausting and make you sweat. Pack light and take only what you really need.

6. Stay warm during breaks

Remember that it is when you are sitting still or taking breaks that you are most susceptible to the cold.

Use battery-powered heating products like seat pads or heated vests to stay warm and dry any moisture when you are not moving.

7. Eat well

Make sure to eat before you go out on a trip. The body needs energy to generate heat, so have snacks or a packed meal that is adapted to the activity and how long you will be outside.

8. Stay warm on your feet

Choose good shoes that have room for wool socks and heated insoles. Heated insoles can help keep your feet warm. An old trick is to use bread bags in the boots for extra insulation, but modern heated insoles or heated socks are more comfortable and effective.

Socks and insoles with battery-powered heat help you stay warm on your feet.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy trips and outdoor experiences even when it’s cold, and stay warm and comfortable along the way.